We've introduced a new user permission role called "billing" in this release along with some significant performance improvements to the 3D Viewer.
See the full release notes below for more details:
SyncSketch v2.1.0
  • You can now add a Workspace admin of type “billing”. This admin can manage billing details and update payment info. Billing admins have no access to media or reviews, and do not count against your seat usage.
  • Added MFA badge icons beside user names to indicate to workspace administrators which users have Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) enabled.
  • We now auto-detect file types for files uploaded without file extensions
    (except .PDF and .AI)
  • In the 3D Viewer, pressing the Alt key while using the navigation tool will now momentarily switch to the last-used brush tool, returning to the camera navigation tool once the Alt key is released.
  • When sharing Review Links with External Collaborators, you can now set the link to allow users to open the review without automatically joining any synced reviews underway.
  • Character limits have now been raised significantly for Review names (1024 characters) and Review descriptions (effectively unlimited).
  • Company names now appear on invoices.
  • You can now edit Review names directly from the Project Overview page.
  • Formatting on several notification emails has improved.
  • 3D Viewer no longer simulates camera framing, since it didn’t really make sense in this context and caused some issues.
  • Model focusing is now generally improved in the 3D Viewer in many ways.
  • Many of the controls in the 3D Viewer now work more predictably.
  • Changing the Field of View in the 3D Viewer settings no longer shifts the camera orientation.
  • The hover menus in the Shot Item List are now easier to target with your mouse.
  • Shift-W/A/S/D can now be used to navigate in Flythrough mode in the 3D Viewer, in addition to using onscreen controls.
  • Sketches with the Laser Pointer tool now fade after a moment when drawn on mobile devices in the same way as on desktop systems.
  • The Compare mode drop down handles long item names nicely.
  • UV Viewer in the 3D Viewer is no longer distorted when cycling through the UVs or resizing the viewer, and works correctly in synced review sessions.
  • The Pie menu
    now works in Firefox.
  • Drawing now works as expected when you switch back to the Player from another tab or application.
  • Improved error handling in PDF exports.
  • External collaborators are no longer required to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Fixed a situation where an expired credit card could not be replaced.
  • Fixed conditions where item thumbnails were not updating.