With release 2.3, we've focused on delivering one of our most often requested features: Copying Review Items. You can now add Items to multiple Reviews without increasing your storage usage and upload counts.
In order to use this new functionality, select one or multiple Items, then select "Add to..." from the pop-over menu.
To see all available functionality for copying items, have a quick read through the documentation: Copying Items Into Other Reviews
We've also added significant improvements to the 3D Model Viewer, review link sharing, and our ShotGrid integration. See full release notes for 2.3 below:
SyncSketch v2.3.0
  • You can now copy media items into other reviews (including copying multiple items into multiple reviews) without impacting your storage usage or upload limits. Learn more about the initial release here
  • The 3D Model Viewer has moved out of Alpha status and packaged up into a full production release. In addition to dozens of bug fixes and small interface tweaks, there are many feature improvements: UV navigation is more robust, Alt/Option-H will now reveal hidden objects, Flythrough keyboard controls no longer require the Shift key and are compatible with European keyboards, Improved synchronization of camera views among synced reviewers, Playback speed control now works in the 3D Model Viewer
  • When sharing a review link, the Save button will now copy the link with an embedded password for sharing with your collaborators
  • The Project Overview page now sorts by the most recent by default
  • Selections are now preserved after canceling out of the Copy/Move dialog
  • SyncSketch now gracefully reconnects when devices wake up after sleeping
  • The Project Overview now restores the most recent Review Group selection
  • Resolved an issue where using “Set Frame as Thumbnail” was generating the error “Thumbnail for this image could not be updated”.
  • The User List in the Workspace Settings’ Usage tab should now represent all users that count against seat usage