With the release of version 2.14, SyncSketch is bringing the new Media Tab to general release for all Team and Enterprise account users.
Allowing for filtering & grouping items within a project, launching quick reviews, and seeing notes on items across multiple reviews, the Media Tab opens up new workflows for Artists, Supervisors, and Project Coordinators to facilitate rapid iterative feedback cycles.
For full documentation on the media tab, check out Manage Media with the Media Tab.
For a deeper dive on all the changes in 2.14, see below for the full release notes.
SyncSketch v2.14.0
  • Quick annotations allows users to now take notes against items without having to create a review first
  • The
    All Notes
    dropdown at the top of the comments panel inside the player allows for users to see notes across reviews as well as sort the comments panel by either date or frame number
  • When syncing ShotGrid playlists, we now leave the selection dialog open, so that users can sync multiple playlists at a time without having to reopen the dialog for each
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts for PDFs and Whiteboards, allowing the left-arrow key to jump to the end of the timeline from the first frame of the timeline
  • Optimized database performance by automatically pushing sketch data to disk storage after a review session ends
  • Added true orthographic views to the 3D viewer
  • Added orthographic camera support to the
    Download 3D Annotation for Maya
    menu option
  • Added 3D viewer camera snapping by pressing the ALT key, which allows temporarily switching between Draw and Tumble modes
  • Improved the defocus behaviour for selection menus in the Advanced Filter panel, making user selection clearer and easier to navigate when moving between options in the panel
  • Added comment counts to media items on the Media Tab
  • Improved UI components on the Billing Tab to support self-service payment flows for Enterprise customers
  • Updated to a more light-weight CSV export library
  • Fixed an issue where the
    API endpoint was ignoring a custom supplied name field on file uploads
  • Fixed an issue where files would sometimes be sorted out of order at upload time, rather than by their alphanumeric name
  • Ensure single item action menus only affect a single item, even if multiple items are selected
  • Fixed an issue where new projects created via the API were not immediately visible or accessible in the web interface
  • Fixed an issue where media items imported from ShotGrid, which were subsequently copied to multiple reviews, would be removed from both reviews if the ShotGrid playlist was updated to not include that item. Now, the media items will remain in place for any review that isn't directly linked to the source ShotGrid playlist