New Webhook & PDF Optimizations (v2.4)
In our latest release, the SyncSketch team introduced a new webhook that enterprise teams can use to integrate with their pipelines.
This new webhook will call out to a client-configured URL when a review session has ended. We detect that a session has ended when the number of users in a synced review drops below 2.
To use this new webhook, workspace administrators on enterprise accounts can visit the workspace settings' webhooks tab.
We have also made a handful of performance optimizations, speeding up PDF conversions and page load times across the application. See below for full 2.4 release notes:
SyncSketch v2.4.0
  • Added an additional webhook option for when a review session ends
  • Optimized the conversion and compression of uploaded PDFs, significantly reducing the wait before being able to interact with these types of files
  • Provided an option for workspace administrators to show file space usage for each project
  • Additional caching for ShotGrid projects associated with SyncSketch, reducing the time needed to present project data on page load
  • Updated activity logging to display activities for an item copied between 2 projects in the activity streams for both projects. Previously the activity would only be recorded in the source project of the item
  • Fixed an issue with image transcoding, where images with a large volume of metadata attributes embedded would not convert
  • Updated the copy link and save settings behavior in the share review dialog to be more intuitive and explicit
  • Reduced the frequency of errors when generating annotation PDFs for reviews larger than 100 items
  • Addressed an error where on rare occasions the ShotGrid integration would not find a matching user
  • Removed a loading mask that would sometimes prevent users from clicking buttons in modal windows for several seconds